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Te Taumata o Kupe

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Oct - Jun 23


Te Mahurehure Cultural Marae, Pt Chevalier

Te Taumata o Kupe, by Te Mahurehure Cultural Marae Society

Māori Carver Uenuku Hawira was engaged to carve two art pieces to become part of this complex and convey the historical significance associated with Te Mahurehure's establishment in Pt Chevalier and the retention of historical responsibilities in a modern urban environment.
1. Pare - a doorway taonga at the entrance to Taumata o Kupe, which is the digital navigational and historical education centre that opened in October 2022. This carving informs visitors (including school children undertaking NCEA credits) of the skills and talents acquired by Kupe, the waka (vessel of safety through a journey) to inspire people to continue a journey of learning and creativity in a contemporary environment. Through design, the artist draws upon patterns and themes within the whare to maximise the use of the space. The taonga is mounted
across the inside of the doorway and attached to the Kauri beams.
2. Memorial Pou - at front gateway
This taonga is carved from the log of a Puriri tree which had to be removed for
development of Te Kainga Atawhai (papakainga) and is located on site. The log
measures 4.5m long and will preserve within its artwork three maumaharatanga.
As well as already being referred to as an 'extra classroom' by local schools, and wider,
Taumata o Kupe will become part of the triple package of MOTAT, Auckland Zoo and Te
Mahurehure under Tourism Auckland. The Memorial Pou will welcome manuhiri and
bless departures at Te Mahurehure Marae - the tikanga is complete!

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