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Hidden Gems Lost Landscapes Virtual Art Trail

Project type

Virtual Art Trail and physical exhibition


Aug 2023


Albert-Eden Libraries

Hidden Gems Lost Landscapes Virtual Art Trail by Carolyn Sylvester

An art trail through some of the most incredible hidden natural areas in the Albert-Eden area. The oldest lava forest in the country, the remnant of the Cabbage Tree
Lakes and striking regeneration of the Waitītiko Creek and Wetland of the Roy Clements Treeway. A diverse group of local artists will go exploring the rare and hidden
landscapes of the area, Withiel Thomas Lava Forest, Gribblehurst Park and Roy Clements Treeway. They will choose their “spot”...a location that will inspire their
contribution to the art trail. The works may be any size form or medium the artist chooses. But it is a piece that aims to enhance and educate about a specific “spot”.
The art trail is long term and can be added to and expanded in the future. The physical works created will become an exhibition that travels across the Libraries in
the Albert-Eden area. That will allow people to visit and see the works physically, but also let people know about the trail and encourage exploration.

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